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Crochet Hoop Earring with Beads

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I was planning on going to bed early yesterday because I needed to catch up on sleep. Did that happen? Of course not 🙂
So I took a small nap today, which turned into a long nap …
Anyways, I managed to start a new earring. This time I crochet with the red embroidery floss over an old hoop earring I had laying around and also included some small glass seed beads.
I am planning to add one of the little crochet hearts I made on Sunday in the middle with a little jump ring.
But I need to find a silver jump ring. I think I only have gold color ones. And then of course I need to make the other matching earring.
Here is how the work in progress looks:

Need to cut of some of the fuss too but you cant really see them in real life.