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Finally Crafting Again – London Telephone & Police Boxes

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Finally, after a miserable week I am crafting again. I am still a little bit ill but nothing compared to mid-week.
When I brainstormed a little bit for new items I want to make I came up with the idea to make famous buildings from popular cities, just like what I did with the Eiffel Tower earrings. So London came to mind. I am planning on the Big Ben. But then I saw a picture of it with a red telephone box in the foreground, and I decided to make those first. I came up with the pattern myself and made a red pair. Then  I figured that the blue police box that is very popular from the “Dr. Who” show, would be pretty much the same thing except for the windows. I started making one of the police boxes. Maybe I can finish them today, but right now it is getting darker outside and the puppy needs food and go out.
So here is how they look at this point:

They still need blocking and stiffening to take on the final shape. Right now they are still a little twisted. All of them are about an inch high.