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Finished: Crochet Hoop Earrings with Beads

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Well, posting daily did not work out as planned, as I now missed 3 days 🙂 But it is still a good goal and I got way more posts out than last year already!
And I was able to finish the hoop earring finally. I had to by some small jump rings to connect the crochet heart and I glued the ends of the tread to the top of the hoop by wrapping it around it with some glue.

I think I will do one or two more things with little crochet hearts and then switch to clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. Especially because my boss, who is a huge knitter but not into crochet, gave me some even smaller crochet hooks from her grandma. Using the size 12 which is only 1.15 mm, and some normal sewing thread, I was able to crochet an even tinier pink heart.

Isn’t that cute. But it really requires some good lighting. I want to try some more complex shapes in that scale. Maybe I can do some cute stuff for doll houses, more earrings or a little landscape in a clear ornament. Also have some ideas for some more standard size crochet for clothing. Stay tuned…