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Have a Monkey Day!

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Despite my inability to have a blogging streak of more than one day after just announcing daily posts two days ago 🙂 I have done some crafting.
I am in the middle of making a wash cloth – one of those that are like a mitten.
I found a great easy dish cloth pattern on Petals to Picots which I adjusted in size for a wash cloth and am trying it with dark green, bright green and off-white. I love the color combination, but my photo from yesterday does not show them off that good, because it was already too dark.

Then today I started making a little monkey out of sewing thread. I took a picture but I don’t know if it already obvious that it will be a monkey he he.

I want to make earrings out of them as well. But I was also thinking, I could sell the individual pieces of all of my earrings as crochet applique for kids clothing, dolls, playing zoo etc.
Or if someone wants to make their own funny jewelry with them. So I need to make some more and take pictures.

For today, I am planning on definitely working on the washcloth and maybe the monkey too. But I have too see how tired I am later, because I managed to do my workout video again – yay!