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Monkeys & Average is Beautiful

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The little monkey is finished and posted and I am working on more to make earrings also.

Today I went to Michael’s for some supplies. I found some great metalic sewing threads that I want to crochet with.

Also some clear plastic backs for the earrings.

They are not expensive and I would have loved them so I would not have lost two earrings which I really loved. One that my sister made from a green stone ring and silver wire, and the other a little silver sea horse, which I bought myself a long time ago. So now I am left with one earring each, so I want to make a pendant for a necklace from them.

I am planning to include the little clear plastic backs for each of the earrings I am selling on Etsy as well.

Also I discovered this cool crowd funding project called Average is beautiful to promote a healthy body image for girls. This guy is creating a doll called Lammily with the average body measurements of a 18 year old American girl. Because I love the concept and am a sucker for dolls (hey, I made some dolls for my Etsy shop!) I had to back 2 of them. One for my niece and one for myself 🙂 They should be done in November. Can’t wait!
That’s it for now. Tomorrow I will probably head to another craft party and finish some more monkeys.