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Thread Thursday 1 – December 2016 recap

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I have been sewing and crocheting a few things lately. Especially in anticipation of the new baby.
Because of that and because I like the alliteration with days for blog posts, I am starting Thread Thursdays. 🙂

For the first one I am doing a recap of the projects I have done in December 2016 that I have not posted about yet.

Baby Crochet Cardigan & Vest

I created two pieces from patterns off this book:
Crochet One-Skein Wonders® for Babies: 101 Projects for Infants & Toddlers
They turned out very cute. The cardigan is from finer yarn and I used some wooden beads as buttons.

The vest is from a yarn I salvaged off an old sweater I didn’t like. I had some cute buttons with an eagle on it that give it a nautical / navy feel.

Harry Potter Robe

In December, I went to a Harry Potter themed Yule ball with a friend and we HAD to have Harry Potter robes.
I used a Jedi robe pattern and added a stipe of colored lining for the front as well as lining for the hood.
Here the robe pattern:

Rebel Legion :: View topic – Jedi Master’s Robe Tutorial, by EeanLedgor

The colors were matching with the houses we each prefer.
I picked Ravenclaw and my friend picked Hufflepuff.
We also bought some patches to iron onto the front of the robes.
Here some pics of the robes in action.

NYE outfit & Leggings

Lastly, I also did two projects were I traced the pattern from clothes I had.
The first one is leggings, for which I used some interesting fabric left over from a past Halloween that looked like a mermaid tail.
So of course I called them mermaid leggings J
Here the leggings with detail of the fabric and how they look worn.
I also made an outfit for New Years. It had a tulle skirt which I made by cutting the tulle bottom of a dress that I thrifted but did not fit and using some of the top fabric as the waist band.
It is glittery, yay. I also made a top in silver knit fabric but then decided to wear the original black top I traced it from because I could not wear the really high heeled silver shoes I had being pregnant and such, lol.
But  I will surely wear it some other occasion or if I get some silver or nude flats.
And that was the recap! Hope you enjoyed it.

Future Projects

Currently I am working on more sewing and crocheting projects for the baby. I will show the results in the next weeks.