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Thread Thursday 2 – Fluffy Polar Bear Jacket

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Ok this post is pretty late but still on Thursday.
Just in time I finished my latest crochet project: a fluffy polar bear jacket for the baby.
I used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in the color vanilla. Guys, it is amazingly soft and fluffy. I just want to cuddle it all day. This will be so great on the baby.

I used this pattern for a romper because I wanted to make it as a romper first.
B25-34 Baby Blues pattern by DROPS design
But after starting I felt it was more like a jacket and stopped right before making the legs.
I also added a hood based on the measurement from another pattern.
Three Way Baby Sweater
However because the yarn is so much thicker than the yarns used in either of these patterns I had to calculate quite a bit. To do that I converted the gauges on each into stitches per inch, made a gauge pattern for the Bernats yarn to also get stitches per inch and then used this to calculate how many stitches and rows I would need for each section of the pattern.
That was quite some modification. I also made sure to always measure the piece regularly.
Luckily the main pattern also provides a drawing of the measurements in inches and centimeters.
Very helpful.

Then I added some ears and a little tail to round the look of a polar bear 🙂
I just kinda winged those. Isn’t it cute?
So the only thing missing on this one are the buttons which I need to buy yet.
I’ll add a picture with the buttons once I have them.