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Thread Thursday 5: Bonnets & Hats

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Last week I finished another bonnet. I used this pattern with the gauge adjustments for a thinner yarn again, like I did for the last bonnet.

Hunny Bunny Bonnet | Free Newborn Size

Then I had my baby shower on the weekend, so there was not much done other than preparing for it.

Then this week I finished a few preemie hats to match the little NICU gowns I wrote about in the last post.

They are super easy and quick and I used this pattern:

Quick Color-Band Preemie Beanie

Now that it is getting close to the baby arriving, there are a few things I want to finish up yet, like a little crochet romper and some sewn onesies from old T-shirts.
Let’s see what I can finish for next weeks post.